9. The Daily Prophet

Harry Potter has come to life, ladies and gentlemen, by way of a student magazine at the University of Oregon.

Ed Madison, one of the journalism professors, spoke in my class today about OR magazine, the first student-run iPad-only magazine in the nation. The sheer “first” aspect of it was enough to get my attention, but then I saw the thing. Talk about cutting edge.


The man on the cover–a feature story about a boxer–was punching me in the face. Now, that last sentence may not have made much sense, but I am not lying to you. That’s what happened. As far as I could tell, the cover of the magazine was a video. The students had the boxer take swings at the camera, and had that repeating video as the cover image. Genius.

Moving into the issue, there were more moving pictures–not quite videos, but photos that rotated without the user having to tap the screen, giving the illusion that they were all moving. The spreads used a mixture of videos, these slideshow images, and still images to great effect. It was so clean–you don’t have to click on much, it all just moved on its own accord as Madison flipped through the pages.

Imagine a publication like Vogue using this method–you go to the cover and it’s a runway show, or a video of the covergirl being photographed. Besides the movement making it seem more realistic, it also would reduce the amount of Photoshopping done to the models. Instead, you see how the clothing fits, how the fabric really moves, and how the model acts.

This new technology has endless potential. It slightly bothers me that this magazine format is more of an app than an online version, but making money is kind of important too, I guess…


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