25. Horror Movie Stunt

This is one of the funniest advertising stunts I’ve seen. It’s for a horror movie, so you can empathize with the women getting the shit scared out of them, but their reactions are priceless. The stunt is to promote “The Last Exorcism Part 2,” set to come out in March.

What better way to give your audience a taste of the horror than to bring it to life?

Heads up, the people being scared release quite the stream of profanities. Wouldn’t you?

Thinkmodo, a viral video marketing agency in New York City, set up a hilariously scary scenario for unsuspecting women in a beauty salon. A woman dressed as the dead girl in the movie is placed behind a fake mirror, poised to make scary faces at the ladies getting their hair done. After scaring them behind the mirror a bit, the girl comes out from the back of the salon in a full back bridge, eerily recreating the movie poster and sending the women in the salon running out the door, smocks flying.

What I like about the stunt is that they made a video about it, instead of simply word of mouth. In a viral world it is necessary to make something shareable. You can pull off something extremely effective in person, but if you don’t film it, it loses its ability to last through viral sharing on social media.

For the release of “The Ring Two” in the U.K., New Media Maze set up a system online where users could enter a friend’s email and cell phone number. The site would send an email, inviting the friend to watch the trailer, and simultaneously call their cell phone with the infamous “Seven days,” inducing a pants shitting.

Hilarious, yes; sharable, not so much. Had they made a video about it, it might have gained more media coverage than it did. It was a hilarious idea, but had more potential than it lived up to.


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