24. Hybrid Journalists

The world of journalism and advertising is changing, that much is for certain. We are constantly being told in class, “You are the ones who come in with the new knowledge regarding the newest technologies.” Joining the world of advertising is a daunting thing—the professionals who are in it now are incredibly inspiring, so much so that it almost gives me an inferiority complex. However, I strongly believe that I’m receiving training that actually pertains to the real world.

The journalism department at Oregon is set up in such a way that those who wish to succeed have the outlets and resources to do so, and those who are just doing it to graduate will probably struggle. The professors and GTF’s all have real-world experience and mind-blowing networks that we can tap into.


The most important part of our training is that we are all being molded into hybrids, or “T-shaped” skilled people, as Deb Morrison says. Before we can specialize, we are thrown into “Gateway,” which forces us to dabble in multiple journalistic professions. Multimedia, photography, InDesign, interviewing—you name it, we do it. We even design magazine layouts for tablets, which remains a cutting-edge technology. This broad-based education, along with a specialized focus, allows us to enter the workforce as someone who can jump in anywhere that is needed, and as someone who can understand the other facets of the agency. Even if I end up as a creative, I will have a full understanding of how account planning and management works, for example.

As the world of advertising and journalism continues to develop in new mediums it becomes even more necessary for us to be able to adapt and step up to new challenges. For us to be that jack-of-all-trades type of entity not only makes us more marketable, but more helpful and willing to learn once something new arises.

I know that while I mix my curiosity for advertising with my love of magazines, I will have the best resources possible to graduate and do something I love.


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