19. People Magazine Commercial

I was casually (cough, obsessively) watching my wedding shows the other day, when suddenly this commercial spot came on.

Hold the phone, that idea rings a bell! The promotional video that I made for my magazine is the same general concept, but I’ll admit that People pulled it off a bit better.

What I appreciate about the spot is how People represented itself. When I was making my spot, I focused on the “voice” of the magazine—if the publication could walk and talk, how would it sound? How would it portray itself?

People tapped into this idea—its “voice” is the voice of the people. It targets our desire to hear about other people—whether that is celebrities or simply everyday people with extraordinary stories, we are intrigued by the human condition. People delivers this information in a voice that is both informational and conversational, and that’s what they put into the commercial spot. “People love people.”

They went a different route than I did—I went more literal with the “voice” idea with an actual voiceover, whereas People chose to use Bruno Mars’ “Just the way you are.” The voice in their spot is the headlines, taking us back in time to the events that caught the public’s attention.

What I appreciate most about the commercial, however, is that it is selling the magazine directly. The end tells the audience to go pick up a copy. A copy—as in, real life, paper, printed copy. When else have you seen a commercial selling the paper copy of a magazine? Hardly ever, now that so many magazines are moving online. It’s nice to see attention given to the printed publication, which still houses a special place in my heart because of my need to cut things out.


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