18. Blah Wedding Advertising

I’m a wedding fanatic. It’s the dresses, mostly—I border on obsessive. I’m constantly looking through new collections and discovering new designers, pinning them to my Wedding Ideas board on Pinterest. I’m constantly on Weddinginspirasi.com and Marthastewartweddings.com, skimming the thousands of long white gowns for something that catches my eye. My dad doesn’t understand it. “They all look the same, how can you spend so much time looking at wedding dresses?” It’s true that many do look the same, but these don’t catch my attention—I scroll right by them because I’ve seen that style so many times before. It’s the unusual that I’m looking for. I’ve found that this mixture of the repetitive and the new translates to wedding advertising as well.

First, let’s examine this “classic” depiction of bridal fashion. mary

This example comes from the Mary’s Bridal Spring 2013 collection. Pink bouquet. Old mansion background. Frozen, doll-like facial expression topped by a classic updo. I know this has a lot to do with my taste level, but I’ve just seen this so many times before. I pass right by images like this without even stopping to check the details of the dress. The whole feel of the image lets me know that I already don’t respect the aesthetic of that designer, so why would I look at more of his or her dresses? I won’t.

Now look at the Michael Cinco designs. michael-cinco-ss2013-15

It’s intriguing, unusual, and so beautifully done that I’m inspired to look at every single dress in the collection. I even followed from Weddinginspirasi.com to the actual Michael Cinco website just to see more.

In a world of white, wedding designers must be especially careful how they portray themselves. Simply doing the usual won’t get you noticed, even by fanatics like myself. Advertising that goes against the norm of the typical wedding will ensure that I look at every single gown, even if I don’t like the designs of the dresses themselves.


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