13. Game of Thrones Takes the Cake

Yesterday I finally watched the first two episodes of HBO’s hit show “Game of Thrones.” After I got over the sight of some dwarf porn, I remembered something very interesting (and unrelated to the dwarf porn). Watching the show sparked my memory of a photography trip I took to the SFMOMA while I was a senior in high school. After strolling through the museum, my class and I had lunch out on the grass of the Yerba Buena Gardens. On this very same patch of grass, the marketing team behind “Game of Thrones” set up a huge circular stage, surrounded by cameras and topped with a daunting throne made of grey spiked swords. iron-throne

There was a large crowd surrounding it, which formed into a queue full of people who wanted to get their picture taken atop the iron throne. Of course, the show hadn’t come out yet, so it was just a big scary throne sitting in a park with a bunch of people around it. Intriguing! A few classmates and I got our picture taken and received flyers about the show. Little did we know that it would turn out to become a hit show with a cult following.


Their advertising team has upped their game for season three. This ad ran in the New York Times—a full page spread of a dragon casting its shadow over fake articles. (would have been cool if the dragon soared over real ads, but we can’t give the editors heart attacks now can we?) And if you think that’s cool, check out what they put on the HBO building in Los Angeles. GOT-Building

As Tim Nudd of Adweek warns us, “Watch your back, season 3 is coming.” I sincerely hope it’s good enough in person to make people strolling on the LA sidewalk flinch and look to the sky behind them, fully expecting to be incinerated at any moment. This, in my opinion, is an example of the advertisements being grand enough to match the event. Kudos, Game of Thrones.


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