6. Magazine Promo Videos

I’m the type who will literally buy three magazines every time I fly, so yes, I consider myself a magazine enthusiast. I hope to one day incorporate this into my advertising career in one way or another. For now, I’m lucky to contribute to one of the most unique magazines I’ve ever come across. The Oregon Voice is not anything like the wedding magazines that I usually gravitate to–its artsy, gritty, and has a lot of profanities–but it is filled with fun people who are constantly throwing themselves off the deep end of creativity.

However, as I told people of my accomplishment in getting onto the staff, I realized something very bleak. No one had heard of the damn thing.

Well shit, right?

Upon further research, I discovered that the promotional efforts of the magazine mainly consisted of them standing in the middle of campus passing the issues out, and a Facebook page offering links to the OV blog. No wonder no one had heard of it–it’s not like the school newspaper, which they hand out once a week or so. The OV only comes out twice a term, so if people don’t walk by the EMU that one day during those few hours, they miss the opportunity altogether. This lack of promotional effort doesn’t fly with an ad major.

We needed hype. We needed publicity. We needed to show the campus what we’re about and what they can find inside the publication. It became more necessary when I saw that the cover of the mag doesn’t have any cover lines to tell people what they’re about to read, its just artwork.

So I threw this together:

The idea is simple: give a sneak peek into the publication through the voice of the authors. I had writers from the magazine record themselves reading their work, then showed the visual aspect of the work as well.

But what is a magazine’s voice? Does Vogue speak like Elizabeth Hurley or like Tyra? Would Harper’s Bazaar sound any different? We can imagine this voice–it’s intuitive by way of the content and the aesthetic. The idea of magazines choosing their own voices is quite interesting. Would it be different than what its audience imagined it to be?


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