1. Magazines on Pinterest

I’m a pin-whore. Scrolling, absent-minded, through beautiful and interesting images on Pinterest is one of my favorite hobbies, and I take the activity very seriously. I like to consider myself a minor celebrity in the Pinterest wedding category. Far more people follow my “Wedding Ideas” board than follow me in general, and each new follower I get on that board boosts my already inflated ego. But I digress. I’m here to talk about the way in which my favorite website, Pinterest, houses infinite possibilities for a changing industry–the magazine.

As insinuated above, I am a wedding fanatic. I follow a number of wedding magazines on Pinterest because they post a variety of fantastic images for me to scroll through and drool over–images that I haven’t already seen before. In a category where I am constantly searching for new material to pin, the wedding magazines provide a huge number of beautiful dresses, bouquets, and table settings that have yet to become repeat offenders on my home page. This access to new material is one of many benefits pinners get from following magazines on Pinterest. Magazines have access to new bridal collections and runway shows before they hit the internet world, and for the fashion-obsessed like me, this is a priceless entity. If it’s a pin that promises more, I’ll follow it to the website.

This linking is where magazines should focus.

Most publications have taken advantage of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to promote themselves. However, Pinterest offers a more direct opportunity. Making magazine articles into “pins” and putting them out there on Pinterest has the potential to build hype about the latest issue extremely quickly and generate traffic to the magazine’s website itself. Good pins spread like wildfire, and what’s great about this spreading on Pinterest is that it spreads within a community of people who share similar interests. Wedding enthusiasts share things with other wedding enthusiasts; foodies with other foodies. Magazines have simply to tap into this rich resource to get their articles and images out in the world, dragging interested pinners to the publication website as a result.

Michael Stelzner wrote a great piece with a podcast interview of Beth Hayden, author of Pinfluence: The Complete Guide to Marketing Your Business on Pinterest. (click here) Magazines would do well to pay attention to his advice on Pinterest marketing techniques!

Magazines can go in-depth into their audience’s personal style and taste and tailor the magazine accordingly. A high-fashion wedding publication may realize that their Pinterest following has a slightly different taste level and budget than what is currently published. However, if the audience is already following the magazine as-is, the publication doesn’t want to change too dramatically. Instead, they can use that information to incorporate some different options into the magazine itself, targeting this newfound demographic. Granted, the demographics of the Pinterest site itself must be taken into account (shoutout to the ladies!), so some manly magazines may wish to wait until that audience branches out as well.

Pinterest has the ability to make audience members feel a direct connection to a publication. Much like companies reaching out via Facebook and Twitter, these direct points of contact make it seem as if the magazine is now paying attention to what we like and responding to it. All it takes is a simple follow-back. And heaven forbid Martha Stewart Weddings repins something of mine–my ego would reach dangerously toxic proportions.

Here is Pinterest’s list of magazines who use the site. Kudos, guys, kudos!


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